Home learning

Our expectation is that pupils continue their learning beyond the end of the school day. Home work is an essential part of any meaningful education, preparing, as it does, pupils to take responsibility for their own learning, building resilience by encouraging them to tackle problems with increasing amounts of independence and helping them to develop effective organisational skills.

Our approach to homework is straightforward. Pupils will be set homework regularly. It will be recorded in their planners and we encourage you to check that this is done. It will also help you to guide your child in the development of their planning and organisational skills.

Homework will aid learning in one of the following ways

  • It will consolidate new knowledge and skills acquired in lessons.
  • It will prepare pupils for forthcoming lessons by requiring them to conduct research and/or demonstrate their already existing knowledge
  • It will enable pupils to apply their leaning to new contexts, for example in form of project work, that will strengthen and deepen their understanding of key concepts, knowledge and vocabulary

Homework plays an important part in your child’s learning and failure to complete it will compromise their ability to access lessons and make the best progress they can. We therefore ask for your assistance in helping your child to complete the work set and encourage you to get in contact with your child’s learning coach and/or teacher should any issues arise.