Leadership and enrichment

We believe that enrichment opportunities are an essential part of your child’s education. That is why we will expect your child to choose from the range of activities that take place in the last session of the school day on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The choice will be broad, encompassing everything from coding to Mandarin, STEM club, music, drama and a range of sports activities. Many of these are taught by coaches from outside of the school. Through enrichment comes the confidence borne of trying something new, of broadened experiences and of a wider set of friendships. Enrichment encourages teamwork, competition and resilience. It also develops leadership. 

At Sybil Andrews we also have an intentional focus on the development of leadership skills, with pupils being able to take part in a wide range of opportunities through which they can hone them. We accredit the development of these skills through our innovative Baccalaureate Programme.

We believe that it is through reflecting upon the activities that they have engaged with that