Online work - Guide to Home Learning Resources

 Please find below several resources to support home learning.


These online learning pages are constantly being updated, with both work set from teachers and a little bit extra. Many organisations are now offering their workshops, streaming and downloads for free - these are often designed to be fun and engaging. 


A couple of points which we hope will help:


The school switchboard is manned and we are able to deal with issues such as passwords/logon issues. Parents or students can call in or email admin@ if they need help.


Work should be done straight in books. If students want help or advice or feedback they can email teachers directly. 




The Reading Ideas will be updated every 2 weeks from Mrs K Cannard, the school Librarian. 


Each subject has a page, accessed by the menu at the top of the web page. This will be updated regularly, week by week. 



Please see the new document Careers Worksheet No 1 - Give your skills a boost



It builds on skills activities that National Careers Week focused on, and is suitable for all year groups. 


The new community newsletters are now available

in the documents section of this page.