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Drama Work: Creating a Pantomime – Week1 Years 7 & 8

You are going to create your own play in the genre of a pantomime. It must be comical (make your audience laugh) and create a happy atmosphere. Remember that Pantomimes are based on fairytales – Cinderella, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, Jack and the Bean Stalk.


First of all, you need to outline your plot. Create a storyboard using the template attached. Picking 6 scenes, you should draw a picture in each box showing what is happening and write a short sentence underneath each to highlight what is going on in each scene. Make sure your storyboard is colourful and as detailed as possible!


Week 2


You are still continuing to design your pantomime. Now you need to think about characters and actions that are happening on stage.


You should now describe 4 of your main characters. Using the “Facebook” character profile sheets attached, fill in all of the boxes to explore your characters in detail. Think about the personality of the characters you are creating and the role they are playing.


 Describe 3 freezeframes that you would create at the beginning, middle and end of your play. Describe where characters would be on stage, the gesture they would be making and reasons why. What are you trying to show in each of these still images?


Week 3


You are still continuing to direct your own musical. Work your way through the next two tasks to create your show!

1)      Now you have your storyline, you need to market your musical in order to encourage the public to come and watch it. Create a poster advertising your musical including its name, the dates its showing , cost per ticket and theatre it playing in. You need to include illustration to show your characters/ storyline that fits the theme of your musical


2)      Opening Night Music! As your audience are coming into the theatre to see your show for the first time, describe what type of music is playing. Think about instruments, texture, dynamics, pitch – use all your key musical vocabulary to describe what it is like! What type of atmosphere are you trying to create for your audience? You can take ideas from lots of other film/theatre scores so if you can try and listen to some (you can use youtube for this) to get some ideas!